High Flow Housing

  • Heat-treated, chrome-nickel-moly alloy steel for maximum strength and durability – the same high strength, fatigue resistant steel used in landing gears and propeller shafts
  • Multiple fluid passages allow for maximum flow without pressure restrictions
  • End-load design for maximum torsional, compressive, and bending strength
  • Simple, interchangeable internal mechanism allows the same housing to be used with most locating systems
  • Accommodates DigiTrak 2-cell, 4-cell, and cable transmitters (Mark V systems and newer); Subsite 86B, 86BV2 Beacons
  • For rigs from 20,000 to 160,000+ lbs. thrust 
  • Stainless steel springs support and cushion the transmitter allowing it to be used with air hammers, as well as Mud Motors
  • Can be used with Mud Motors, Eagle Claw bits, Iron Fist bits, and Bolt-On Bit Bodies