When it comes to HDD drilling reamers, we’ve got your back! Our assortment of HDD reamers are designed to get you through even the toughest of conditions. Whether you’re going through clay, sand or rock, we offer the most quality and versatile drill reamers in the industry, available in a wide variety of different configurations and sizes. From our tornado reamers to our ogre reamers Melfred Borzall drilling reamers will help you on your job. 

Ogre (Ogre Reamer | Buy Cobbles, Shale & River Rock Reamers – Melfred Borzall) 8-20”

Perfect for both caliche and cobble ground conditions the Ogre reamer is unquestionably the best reamer on the market for faster, smoother cutting and unsurpassed durability in hard rock conditions. The ogre reamer has a built-in pulling swivel and the most cutters & teeth than any other Ogre reamer in its class. With each blade welded to itself from the inside, outside and the shaft, the Ogre reamer creates an overwhelming amount of power, making even the most difficult job seem easy. Purchase this highly durable and versatile drilling reamer today!


  • Now available with built-in pulling swivels
  • Ideal for cobbles, shale, river rock, glacial til and hardpan
  • More cutters than any other reamer in its class
  • Carbide blocks prevent the shaft from wearing directly in front of the reamer body
  • Each cutter takes off only 1/4″ more soil than the previous stage resulting in a smooth, efficient cutting action
  • Slow taper and deep spiraled fluting combine to give the Ogre maximum mixing and pumping
  • Angled fluid jets shoot water opposite the reamer rotation to keep carbides clear of debris
  • Hardfacing on all wear areas
  • Curved, hard-faced back-up blades for added wear resistance during pushbacks
  • Deep flutes carry away cuttings

Juggernaut (Juggernaut Fluted Reamer | Purchase the Juggernaut Reamer for Faster & Smoother Horizontal Directional Drilling – Melfred Borzall) 4.75-14”

More carbide cutters than competitive fluted reamers mean that this versatile, compact tool makes tracks in lots of different soil types. Faster, smoother cutting action, longer life and more successful bores each day. Boom. Juggernauts with built-in swivels keep the reamer assembly as short as possible for reaming in cobble or loose rock. Juggernauts with pulling eyes save money by using one clevis swivel on multiple reamers. Available with different carbide cutter options, the Juggernaut is the most productive reamer for your conditions.


  • Deep, spiraled flutes allow for plenty of slurries to flow past the reamer
  • Welded cutters with extra thick carbide inserts for maximum cutting action
  • Precisely positioned and angled cutters ensure the long-lasting carbide is doing all the work
  • Thick casted or solid machined reamer body means one long-lasting tool
  • Use with bolt-on flange swivels or interchangeable clevis-style swivels

Shredder (Shredder Reamer | Shop Various Size Shredder Reamers with Sharkteeth for Sandstone or Hardpan – Melfred Borzall) 12-24”

No need to break the bank when you can use this powerful but economical reaming machine in the sand with cobbles, sandstone, and hardpan. Open wide because the Shredder has a mouth full of carbide tipped shark teeth to crunch through tough ground conditions any day of the week.


  • Ideal for sand with cobbles, sandstone, and hardpan
  • More cutter teeth than any other similar reamer
  • Carbide tipped shark teeth efficiently rip through tough ground conditions
  • Gradual taper of blades lessens torque requirement
  • Drilling fluid is channeled out through the blades, as well as the shaft
  • Backup cutters make push-backs a breeze
  • Integrated “spider” support and stabilizer ring built into Shredders 18″ and larger

Sabertooth (Sabertooth HDD Reamer | Buy a Sabertooth Tapered Drill Reamer & Other Drill Reamer Combinations from Melfred Borzall) 12-14”

With our Sabertooth combination backreamer, your team will be able to crunch through hard ground at an unbeatable price. With many tall shark teeth in a spiral pattern and a tapered packing section, the Sabertooth combination HDD drilling reamer tackles sticky, sandy or rocky ground conditions on a single bore. This hdd drilling reamer combination tool is heavy duty, easy to use and perfect for your teams next project. Purchase the Sabertooth combination reamer today!


  • Ideal for cobbles, shale, river rock, glacial til and hardpan
  • The must-have reamer for tough, combination soils
  • Large shark teeth carbide cutters give ­aggressive yet smooth cutting action
  • Angled placement of cutters and spiral pattern results in an excellent mixing and pumping action
  • Back-up blades make for easier push backs

Hedgehog (Hedgehog Reamer | Heavy Duty Melfred Borzall Reamer)  6-8”

Use this pointy little fellow to burrow into lots of soil types for an economical price. Bi-directional cutters allow Hedgehog to be used as both a conventional pull reamer or as a push reamer to get more mileage out of your jobsite production.


  • Ideal for sand, sandstone, and clay
  • Reamer of choice for sand and unstable soils
  • Curved packer blades provide maximum mixing and pumping
  • Heavy-duty blades with carbide teeth for aggressive cutting action
  • Back-up blades make for easier push backs

Turbo (Turbo Reamers | Purchase Dirt & Sand Drilling Turbo Reamers & HDD Reamers – Melfred Borzall)

The Turbo reamer is your best option when you are reaming sand, dirt and other unstable soils. Thanks to our new design with quality mixing, pumping and packing features, the Turbo reamer makes boring in the sand more manageable. Also the Turbo reamers back blades and packing section makes for easy pushbacks to swab out holes, resulting in effortless pullbacks. Purchase this aggressive yet easy to use HDD reamer today!


  • Ideal for sand, sandstone, and clay
  • Reamer of choice for sand and unstable soils
  • Curved packer blades provide maximum mixing and pumping
  • Heavy-duty blades with carbide teeth for aggressive cutting action
  • Back-up blades make for easier push backs

Tornado (Tornado Reamer (melfredborzall.com) 10-24”

This Melfred Borzall original design combines aggressive cutting and mixing to reduce pullback and rotational forces. Tornado is ideal for sticky clays and reactive soils but can also be used very successfully in a variety of conditions from sand to hardpan.PRODUCT FEATURES

  • Ideal for clay, shale or hardpan ground conditions
  • Provides gusseted blades for extra strength
  • Carbide tipped conical teeth efficiently rip through tough ground conditions and  precisely positioned and angled so all the abuse is placed on the tooth
  • Blade cut-outs allow flow-through of slurry to avoid balling up
  • Incredible mixing, pumping and cutting action reduces rotary pressure and makes it an ideal reamer for sticky situations

HDD Barrel Stabalizer (HDD Barrel Stabilizer | Buy a Drilling Stabilizer Online from Melfred Borzall)

Keep your bore centralized on multiple pass reams while packing and stabilizing the hole. Borzall Barrel stabilizers features internal baffles to reduce weight from drilling fluid and bi-directional for push or pull use. This drilling reamers barrel stabilizer also minimizes hole collapse by using replaceable forward-facing nozzles to provide fluid without jetting out hole walls. Learn more and buy a Borzall barrel stabilizer, today!


  • The key component of a successful large diameter project
  • Centers reamer to create a round hole in all soil conditions
  • Can be customized to be used with a variety of reamers and soil types
  • Holds drill rod, reamer, and product pipe on center to create a round hole and successful bore
  • “Floating” water free body for weight reduction
  • Front and rear water ports clear-cutters and wash away cuttings
  • Hardfacing on high wear areas extend reamer life
  • Conical carbide cutters minimize wear on the blade edges and face